My dreaded "check engine light" came on about a week ago. I had the codes pulled at Autozone which indicated my 240,000 mile Ford pickup needed a new catalytic converter. Being a cheap do-it-yourselfer, I tried replacing the O2 sensors first in case they were faulty. After a week the CEL was still on. I called around getting quotes from a number of muffler shops to have the catalytic converter(s) replaced. Rony at SoCo quoted me the best price over the phone and said he could get the work done the same day. When I arrived, he pulled the codes again to confirm the diagnosis I had provided on the phone, did a quick inspection which confirmed that my cat(s) needed to be replaced, showed me both parts that would be replaced, confirmed they would get the work done the same day, and stood by this phone quote. When I went to pick-up my truck later that day, Rony showed me old cat(s) that had failed, further confirming the source of the problem. I've driven over 100 miles since SoCo replaced the cat(s) and the CEL is still off. I'm happy with the work SoCo Muffler provided and I will use them again.

—Jason R.

I was referred to this shop by TJ from O'Reillys because I was having trouble finding the part that I needed for my car. I called them up first to see if they had the part and to my surprise they had it in stock! I went in and Rony, the owner, gave me an estimate on the spot. The total with parts and labor was only a little bit more than what the auto parts stores wanted to charge us just for the part alone! Of course I couldn't turn down such an awesome deal so I asked when he could get started. He said they could do it right away and that it would be done by five at the latest (we got there at two). My husband and I took our two year old walking down South Congress and checked out The Great Outdoors nursery which is an entire other review in itself (that place is like heaven on earth!). We got back to the shop around 4:30 and they were finishing up. Rony explained the repairs that were made and even gave us a five year 50,000 mile warranty. Overall the price was great, but just as importantly the customer service was amazing. It's not often that you find a car repair shop that isn't trying to squeeze every last penny out of you for what usually seems like unnecessary extra repairs.

—Alicia D.